Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I want Wednesday + 5 extremely ridiculous reasons why

I definitely do not need this tiny little sewing machine, but it is just so cute! I am trying to think of a case where I would need this...
  1. On vacation and my bathing suit strap tears off due to an extremely close shark encounter. Out of shock, my main concern becomes my ripped strap. I could then cure my shock by sewing it back on.
  2. My home begins to flood causing a mote around the exterior. My large sewing machine gets wet and won't work. I could use this one to sew sheets together to lower myself to safety. 
  3. Backpacking across Europe and my backpack gets a hole in the bottom making it very difficult to backpack .. I could use an old tee shirt and sew it to the bottom of my backpack and carry on my way.
  4. I find myself lost in a potato field, starving. I discover that I don't much care for the taste of raw potatoes. I could use this little sewing machine to sew a microwaveable potato bag to cook them in. I know what your thinking... no microwaves in potato fields, and you are right! I would bake them in the sun.
  5. Global warming becomes so severe that the government issues all sewers of the world to get together to create a large blanket to cover the earth to protect it from sun rays (ps. this is definitely not the only cause of global warming). I find that I am called to duty, but unable to transport my larger sewing machine. This small one can accompany me as I aid in saving the world. 
Alright! There you have it, I guess I do need this tiny sewing machine.

xo ldc


  1. Um, these are obviously the most reasonable scenarios ever! I say go for it! :)

  2. hahaha! I totally love your reason and I think the shark attack is the best reason of all!

  3. Okay these are the most ridiculously amazing reasons to have this sewing machine. Haa. I have this same machine it's pretty cute. I've used it to make small things like mini cafe curtains, bows and fun stuff like that. It's nice when you don't want to pull your big machine out.

  4. Hi. I've been looking for one like this but have been hesitant to with fear of poor quality. Please let me know if this is good! :)

  5. This is funny, I really like reason #4 :)
    That sewing machine is really cute.


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