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 Welcome to LDC designs!
First of all I would like to say thank you for stopping by! I am always happy to talk to old bloggers and meet new ones! Email me to get to know me or leave a comment!

So you want to know a bit about me?
Well I am almost 20 years old and currently in University at Acadia in Nova Scotia. I am studying Environmental Sustainability Studies which is learning how to sustain our resources for generations to come. I have no idea what type of job I am going to have when I am done school, but my dream is to own a shop! Perhaps an environmentally friendly shop? 
I love crafting! I always have and I always will. 

This blog is a collection of my creations and inspirations along with some daily life mixed in. I hope you stay a while, check out my DIYs and my friends so that you can become a friend! I hope you enjoy my little blog! 
xo ldc

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