Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The [you're a star] reward

I received this award a few days ago but I am just now putting it up ! I was tagged by Abby and it is my first award that I have ever received. The rules are you have to say seven things that your blog readers might not know about you and then tag some of the blogs you follow so that they can receive the award and do the same thing. 

I have three friends that have just recently started their own blogs so I decided it would be great to tag them !

Now for seven things you might not know about me.. hmmm. 

1. I am currently addicted to scrubs
2. I am also addicted to the sims on my gameboy
3. I love crunchie bars, yup I just bought two 
4. I hate my psychology class
5. I go to Acadia University in Nova Scotia
6. I love Birkenstocks !
7. My family owns an Italian restaurant

So all the people I tagged have to now say 7 things about themselves ! 
Have fun !

xo ldc

1 comment:

  1. All of those are cool! I would've never guessed any of them, thanks for telling us!


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