Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Workspace [is a mess]

So my desk has recently gotten very messy since studying and exams have begun. So I thought you all might like to see what I keep on my desk. Almost like the 'what's in my purse posts that some people do'.
I am in University so I live in a dorm room [only for two more days] so I have limited space for the things I like to keep around me for fun or for inspiration. 

So here we have my sharpies [must haves], a dragon from McDonalds [it lights up !], some thread, pins and needles and some school folders. 
This is my computer surrounded by school work, toys, and craft supplies. 
This is my full desk. It is quite cluttered, but I like to have all my stuff around me so whenever inspiration strikes I have the supplies around.
This is my [old school] gameboy. I have a newer ish one too.. but this one it just so cool. There is a thrift shop downtown that sells old games so I went and bought the Sims and became extremely addicted.

What kinds of things do you like to keep around you?
xo ldc


  1. I have that same tetris game for gameboy!!

  2. I had that same gameboy, but then I spilled coke on it haha. I was in grade 6 I think.

  3. I have so many things around me but im PURE ocd and try to tidy it up all the time and organise but it ends up getting messy and i get so frustrated! its a never ending circle. I would love to be super super super organised with LOOOOADS of space. I definitely make a huge mess though when im crafting. Of gigantic proportions!


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