Monday, April 12, 2010

just some bows..

I saw a really cute picture of a red bow today and it inspired me to [finally] make these bows I have been meaning to make. I found this diy on a Beautiful Mess, you can check it out here.

Here are a few pictures of what I have done so far. They are so easy so I am planning on making many more. I think they turned out really cute. 

Here is what they look like on the back :

Two of them are bobby pins and the other one is a hair elastic. 
I can't decide which way I like it better...
Let me know what you think !

I had an extremely hard time taking a picture of the back of my head. 

Up-close pic of the back :

I am really excited about them ! It will be a great study break activity since this next week is going to be packed with studying. This means that my posts may not be as frequent because of all the work I will [should] be doing. However, when I am done my first year of University I will have tons of time to make stuff and blog, and hopefully start my Etsy shop ! I am soooo excited about that. It is going to be so awesome to have four months of summer ! Even though I will be working to pay for next year of school. I will have to do a post on my summer job ! Wait till you see my uniform [something to look forward to for sure].

Ps. Today is mine and Joshua's 2 year anniversary [of dating] !

We are celebrating by getting a couple of TV dinners..

Well that is all for now ! 


  1. Congratulations!
    I love the bows.


  2. I'm following you now. :)
    Aw, I really like the black one with the pink center!
    Happy Aniversary!

  3. lovely bows, really cute idea!

    ps; happy 2 years :)

  4. I adore bows, they're one of my favorite things. Congrats on your 2 year anniversery!


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