Thursday, November 26, 2009


These are my awesome new buttons ! I am so excited to use them.
I asked a family member to make me a couple of circle buttons
but he decided to go above and beyond and make me a bunch of square ones
too ! I really should be studying ... but instead my creative mind keeps rolling...
Maybe studying can wait till after supper ?

Thats all of them.. 

The light coloured ones are made of a wild cherry tree and the dark
ones are made from an apple tree. They are finished tung oil. 

The one in my hand is a huge square one.. its so cool. The other ones are smaller 
I like it that the holes are not all in the same spot for all of them. 
They are all so different. I love it !

This is the biggest one of all. I will have to think up something extremely
cool to do with it in order to give it justice. 

I am so excited to discover what I can do with all of these. I have some great
purse ideas and fabric ideas that I think will turn out awesome. 

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