Saturday, November 28, 2009

Water Bottle Knitted Cozy :)

This is my newest project. 
A water bottle cozy. 

This it the first project I have used my new buttons. 
It turned out really nice. 

Loving the button...

I need a little practice with the bottom..
But it turned out alright for the first time. 

It fits well around water bottles and also plastic 
bottles !


  1. Adorable!!! and I love the wooden buttons, I've been trying to get my brother to make me some. I also think they would sell well on etsy for those who don't have family who're handy with wood.

  2. I actually got the idea for them on Etsy here


    I love mine ! I am making another cozy now out of some blue yarn. They are so easy with my new knifty knitter !

    Thanks for the comment :)


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