Monday, March 23, 2015

Six month goal tracker

Hello -

Since I have been trying to eat better, go to the gym, and be an all around more healthy person, I decided to make a tracker to see how often I am following my goals. I find that visuals really help you to stay on track and see where your weak spots are (aka, the weekend).

This tracker has approximately enough circles for six months worth of tracking. There are 14 circles in each row (enough for two weeks), and 12 rows (six months worth). You can colour your circles in (green - yes, yellow - kinda, red - nope) or you can simply use the checks and Xs strategy - totally up to you! I printed two of them for myself because I want one for healthy eating/exercising habits and one for school work.

You could also try and use one sheet for two goals (ie. rotate the rows for your goals and fill in two circles each day). Although, that might get confusing.. Essentially, use this however you want, or don't use it at all - the choice is yours!

Download it here

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