Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Books to Inspire: My trip to the bookstore

I had forgotten how much I really loved books. Thankfully I was reminded last night when a friend of mine and I visited the local Chapters. There were so many books that I really wanted, however, being a poor student, could not afford. So instead, I took photos of the books I wanted as to remember them. I thought I would share those books with you here. They are all books that would inspire me in life and creatively. If anything, they would look great on my bookshelf!

If you have any other suggestions for books I should look into, please leave a comment!

1. To all the boys I've loved before :: a book about love. 

2. Creative Block :: a book to help you get out of a creative slump. (lots of pretty pictures)

3. The Selby is in your place :: a book of pretty images by a photographer for Vogue. 

4. Creative Confidence  :: a book about being confident in your creativeness. 

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