Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Running: How I Keep Going

I have recently started to run (again I might add). I always seem to start and then stop for some reason. However, this time I have found some things that may keep me motivated to keep going. I thought I would share with you the four things that I find help me to keep up my stride (punny). 

1. For the app lovers

Having an app that keeps track of my run really helps me stay motivated. I have stumbled across the app Run Keeper. I really like it because it talks to you (sounds creepy). You can set time intervals for when you want a voice to come through on your headphones and tell you how long you've been running, how far you've gone and whatever else you set it to tell you. Then when you are done your run it keeps a log of the runs you've done. This allows you to look back so you can try and do better the next time. 

2. Set goals

I find it very helpful to create long term and short term goals in order to stay motivated when running. Long term goals would be things like how far you want to go, how long you want to run, what your goal weight or size is, things of that nature. I set short term goals while I am running. This means that when I am feeling like I can't keep going I will pick an object (house, tree, driveway, mailbox, etc) and keep running until that point. Then make a goal for how long you will walk for until you start running again. If I don't make goals like this then I find that I will stop whenever and I don't get as good of a work out as I should.

3. Get your music up and running

This means that you should get all your music working and good headphones before you start running. There is nothing worse then having to stop in the middle of your run because you want to change a song or your headphones fell out. Things like these will just slow you down. Also, picking good music keeps you entertained motivated while running.

4. Compete with yourself

You are you're best competitor (super corny). I find it really important to keep trying to beat myself. The Run Keeper app really helps me to do that. I always try and run faster then the time before, but if I can't reach that goal I don't beat myself up. I just find it important to try and do better each time.

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