Monday, June 11, 2012

How to Stay Motivated

Hello! So I have been sucking slacking on my blogging lately and I am feeling guilty for that. So, when I got this guest post from Devin about being motivated I decided to get my butt in gear (for this week anyways). So I have a line up of posts around the things I am doing to be a little bit better with exercising, eating and creativity.

When you read the title "How to Stay Motivated" every one of you is instantly thinking about a time where you needed to be motivated, a time where you weren't, or a goal you haven't yet achieved. When motivation goes down the drain, little to nothing gets done.

What triggers your "lazyness"?

If you look back at times where you haven't completed a goal, you might be able to see a pattern. For me, if I let myself slack off and have a day where I do nothing it will start a streak of these kind of days. I can still have "lazy" days, but I just have to do one or two little things. Sometimes when you put too much on your plate you can feel overwhelmed and then not get anything done. Whatever this trigger is, look for it, and put an end to it.

A bad cycle

When you don't follow through with your goals or resolutions, you start a cycle of making goals that you won't complete. You may start to feel like there is no point to making any goals at all. You do not want to be in this sort of rut, but if you are a lot of effort can get you out again.

Talk about it

Share your goal with other people. Blog about it, chat about it, tell you family! Studies show that people who have told others about their goals are more likely to achieve them. Trying to lose a few pounds, tell everybody! Depending on the goal those people might just open up other doors for  you too. Want to keep on blogging everyday, create a series and promise updates on a certain day each week. There are some more blogging related tips here.

Planning is key

When it comes to any goal or obstacle planning is the way to go. If you break down big goals into smaller ones and then make a plan to achieve them, you'll be on top of them in no time. Break it down into easier steps or tasks when reaching for a really big goal. You can't have overnight success, but you can get a little bit closer.

If you want to you can check out my blog posts about my goals and what it took to achieve them here.

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