Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Beautiful Mess :: Hair Tutorials

A Beautiful Mess is one of my (along iwth pretty much every other bloggers) Fave blogs! Elsie shares so many great hair styling tips on her blog! If you haven't checked them out yet I strongly suggest that you do!

I would like to share with you my fave tutorials from Elsie's blog for Hair Week!
The Beehive tutorial is awesome! It looks so cute on this girl. I don't think that I myself would be able to pull it off, but if you have the hair and the guts to try it out yourself you should!
The Messy Bun tutorial is awesome! It's so easy to do and it super cute! I have tried this out myself and I really liked it. It worked well for those mornings where I had no ambition to take time on my hair!

The Maiden Braid tutorial is my altime fave hair tutorial from Elsie! This girl has super long hair so not all of us can get this exact same look. I have tried this before with medium length hair and it worked great! You can see a pic here.

I recomend that you check out all of Elsie's Hair Tutorials on her blog. She has many that are versitile as well as many that fit different styles from bohemian to 1950s. Good luck in trying some of these out on yourself! xo ldc

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