Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Photo Tip Friday // Sun Spots

I wasn't able to post this last Friday so I am doing it today :)

Hello! So I am super excited about my photo tip for today! It might make me look stupid though, I'm not sure haha! So to the point... I have always loved sun spots on photos. I am always trying to take a photo at the right angle so that I get those spots.. So far I have accomplished it with these three photos.
Now I totally love all three of these photos because of the awesome sun spots! But here comes the stupid part... apparently you can add these right on photoshop! So you don't even need to be outside to get a sun spot! Holay! Where I have I been? I found this awesome tutorial on Divas and Dreams (an awesome site full of photography tips by the way!) So now you can do them yourself by following like three simple steps! So now you can make crazy photos like this...
Insane! So easy! I can't believe I didn't know this before! My life is forever changed!
Haha, I may be a little too excited. Send me a link to a photo if you try this. xo ldc


  1. this is a great tutorial! i'm currently accepting ads for my blog- it's open to anyone:) more info at my blog:


  2. THANK YOU! I've been searching for a good tutorial about sun spots but all the ones I found made the pictures look almost unnatural. You're awesome. I love your new photo tips feature.


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