Friday, July 1, 2011

Lobster Feast

Hello Everyone! So my family does some lobster trapping in Maine. The other night I went to my cottage to spend the night because it is only two minutes from my work so I get to sleep in an extra 7 minutes! Haha. Actually I went because the family was hanging out there! When I got there they had just cooked up a few lobsters so we each got one! I am one of those seriously gross lobster eaters where I like to tear them apart because I think it's part of the fun in eating them. This totally grosses Joshua out.
So something like this......
Or this... 
 Might get a reaction like this......
 All the while Sunni is looking like this...
hehehe. xo ldc


  1. that 2nd picture had me cracking up & the last one just topped it off! cute post. :]

  2. hahah - this is such a funny post!!! lobsters scare me, but i know they taste yummy! so fun!!

    allister bee blog

  3. Oh man, this totally makes me miss Nova Scotia! Have a great long weekend!


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