Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chloe the Dancer

 Here are a few photos from my little sisters Dance Recital a few weeks ago. She is so good at dancing that they put her right up front! She did such a great job.  This blue dress was for her tap dancing number.

I did a bit of Dance when I was little but not for that long. I have been meaning to find the photo of me in my dress so I can put it beside hers.
 I love love love this last dress! And the cute little hair clip that goes with it! This was for her ballet number. She is also very good at this! I hope she sticks with it because I think she could be really good at it when she gets older.
xo ldc


  1. awe - how cute is she? i wish that i had danced when i was younger. now i just have no rhythm and it's quite embarrassing when i try to get my groove on!! hahaha

    allister bee blog

  2. She's a cute little lady!
    Congratulations :)


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