Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Return of What I Want Wednesday : Shoe Clips !

I used to do a post called What I Want Wednesday, and my mom actually read it and got me a bunch of things I wanted (like my Blythe). I decided maybe I should bring this post back.. you know, start for next year? hehe (I am truly not as selfish as you probably think I am at this point).

So I though I would show you these shoe clips from Bando. Are they not the cutest thing ever! Even the picture is adorable! My mom got me some cute shoe clips for Christmas that I can't wait to wear! She also got me some awesome white Toms to decorate! I think I might put some sparkles on them? There are so many options I can't choose what to do!!

Anyways, I thought I would share these because I think that shoe clips are awesome because you can have one pair of shoes and 50 pairs of shoe clips and it's like you have 50 pairs of shoes! Amazing concept really..

xo ldc


  1. hi lindsay,

    the link you left me for the hair pieces was awesome! they are so so pretty! thanks :)

    these shoe clips are also amazing!

  2. You can totally make these, Crafty Sista!


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