Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blythe Doll DIY and How To Links

I got this lovely Blythe doll for Christmas, isn't she beautiful ! I named her Jade. She is my first Blythe doll so I don't know that much about customizing them so I begun to Google it. I found some helpful videos and things and I thought I would share my findings.

This is a terrifying thought! To completely remove Jade's scalp? Although green hair like this Blythe would be awesome! Also, if you don't want to change her hair, you can buy this wig cap to hide her hair and then buy a wig!

I might consider doing this so that I can style her hair straight or maybe put some curlers in it! This helps to get the tangles out as well.

How to get straight Blythe hair 
I found this conversation on Flickr. If you read through you can figure out how to carefully wash and straighten Blythe hair. Very helpfull. 

I like Blythe with bangs! What do you think?

This is hilarious !

This is cute! I like the sparkle because it matches everything!

Since my new obsession with crochet, I am thinking of making this! I am for sure going to make her a little crochet slouchy hat to match mine :)

This doesn't look as hard as I thought it would be.. less scary then cutting her scalp off for new hair!

This is awesome because it stays on, but you can remove it if you want. This is good for after your original blush comes off of your Blythe doll. Here is another link on how to add blush.

There are videos in this youtube profile to show you how to completely remove the back of the head and change the eyes and then put the head back on. 

This doesn't look that hard!

I really hope this is useful. Let me know if any of you have tried any of this out or have sent your Blythe away to be customized! Do you know any good places to get your Blythe customized?


  1. Yes, Really LOVE this attractive fashion Doll "Blythe". Very pleasant blog specially to me because I am a huge fan of Blythe doll and just received my 23rd Blythe doll at PIJ :D
    Thanks for your nice review.


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