Friday, December 10, 2010

Blog Talk: How many is too many?

I am curious what you think about following blogs! I was just looking through my blogs and I follow A LOT of blogs. I always seem to find ones that I want to follow. Do you guys think it is possible to follow too many blogs? I feel like because I follow so many, that some fall behind and I forget about them... I usually check the same ones everyday, and then when I am bored I will go through my google reader and bloglovin and check out some others. I am really curious what you all think about this..

So let me know...
  • Do you think it is bad to follow a lot of blogs?
  • How many is too many?
  • Do you follow blogs because you want to check them all the time, or to get followers?
  • Do you mind that there are people that follow your blog that never comment?
  • Do you have "regular" blogs that you check often?
Thanks for your input! I am curious what people think about this.
xo ldc


  1. I follow about 50 blogs. That is actually trimmed down from an unwieldy 75 or so that I was reading. Some people just stopped posting without any kind of explanation and I kept their blogs in my reader in the hopes that they would come back. Also, my tastes have kind of changed and I just stopped feeling that I was on the same wavelength as some bloggers and I found myself just sort of skimming their posts.
    Sometimes it makes me a little sad that people follow without commenting, but I, myself, don't often comment on blogs that I read every day.

  2. I honestly don't know how many I follow, but I do know it's a lot. I read them all through my Google reader, so I don't necessarily have ones I check regularly, but I do have ones I look forward to a little extra.
    I think when it gets to be too much, it's something you'll really know and feel.

    (P.S., Your banner is super cute! haha)

  3. I follow a LOT of blogs with google follower, and I do sometimes find it hard to keep up with them all. But I never click the follow button unless I genuinely want to read the blog again. I used to bookmark alot on my laptop but Im temporarily borrowing someone elses so I can't do that at the mo, so I follow more blogs now as otherwise I worry I won't be able to find them again when I want to. I comment on most blogs I follow, but not always as regularly as I'd like. :)
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  4. I read a ridiculous amount of blogs! I only hit 'follow' if I love their blog and want to read it. I would never follow a blog to get followers on my own! that is awful!!!
    I don't mind that people follow my blog and never leave comments.
    I do have regular blogs that I check every day and the others I check when I get extra time.
    PS I looooove your new header!!! and that cute lace is so beautiful!!! {How did you do that?!?}
    Happy Holidays friend!!

  5. Hi! I've actually never commented here before, even though I am a follower, so there you go.

    I follow quite a few blogs, but not a huge amount because I'm relatively new to the blog world. I think there's no "too many"! I follow blogs that I'm genuinely interested in reading again and would never follow a blog just to get followers. I don't mind if people don't comment, it would be a bit hypocritical if I did because I hardly ever comment myself! That being said, I love it when people do comment. The blogs I follow pretty much are my 'regular' blogs. I have a couple bookmarked in my favourites folder that I check in on occasionally but others I just rely on coming across them again at some point!

  6. I follow alot too. However, I have a favorites category in my reader and I read almost all of those daily. The rest I browse through when I get time. I don't follow just to get people to click back to my blog...in fact, I think most people I follow DON'T read/follow me back. I comment only if I have something to say and most of the time, it depends on how much time I have. If I'm just skimming during the work day, I don't likely comment. When I'm at home and just hanging out, I comment.

  7. I follow about 300 blogs, lol. Some I comment regularly on and some I just browse through, but I only follow them if I like them!

    It doesn't bother me too much that people read and don't comment, but sometimes it's nice to know who is reading.

  8. I only follow people who write stuff I want to read. Every now and then I'll do a "blog cut" to get rid of the clutter. I read every single entry of every single blog I follow, and I don't have time to read things that aren't beneficial. I use Google Reader to keep up with it all... and I currently follow 57 :)

  9. I couldn't even tell you how many I am following. Once I find a new blog that I enjoy, I add it to the list. But, I'm so behind in reading, I do have my favorites and I check those first.

  10. I have a lot of blogs in my reader... maybe 250?
    Obviously, I don't read all of them all the time.... but when I find a new blog that I kind of like, I add it to my reader and then see how it goes from there.

    I like how you can just read your "regular" blogs and then keep the other posts unread so that you can come back to them later (which I do if I have extra time).
    Sometimes when I find myself constantly marking blog posts as "unread", I delete the blog from my reader.

  11. I follow several HUNDRED blogs .... in many different industries.

    I couldn't do it without Google Reader, though ... and some blogs (like perezhilton.com) I just scan the headlines in Google reader and don't really read all the posts.

  12. I do follow a lot of blogs and I usually check every one of them once every other week (and check all the posts I didin't see at once). Theres are also few blogs that I follow daily (because I can't wait lol )

    I'm alway very happy when I get a new follower. And even more happy when they post comments, but if they don't that's okay with me. As for me, I always try to leave comments once in a while at the blogs I follow.

  13. I follow a LOT of blogs. I read them all in google reader, and I don't always comment... I try to comment on most (I mean, not on the "bigger blogs", like apartment therapy & stuff like that...) and my comments are usually late, just because I try not to skip over any posts. I am interested in all of the blogs that I follow, and if I am ever following one that I lose interest in, I'll unsubscribe. (If I notice that I always just skim through it in my reader.) I definitely don't follow a blog just to get followers, I have to enjoy what they are posting in order to follow it. I have a huge range of interests, so the blogs I follow are all over the place! And it seems like almost every day I find a new blog to follow, haha. Thank god for google reader!! hahaha. I just wish that you were able to comment through google reader, it would save a lot of time! (I always open the blogs I'm goin to comment on in a new tab and I have at least 20+ tabs open at any given time!!)


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