Friday, September 10, 2010

My Market Booth

Every Thursday my Grandmother sells some stuff for me at the market in St.Andrews New Brunswick. I usually don't have Thursdays off so I can never go. A couple of weeks ago I got a Thursday off so I decided to go. I took a few pictures so that I can show you guys what it looks like [plus I had no idea what it looks like cause I hadn't seen it yet this year!]
Those are a few of the hemp bracelets I made. 
They all say something different.
I had some coffee and a delicious crepe !
Those are the flowers they were selling at the booth next too us ! They were so pretty :)
 My grandmother makes baskets and sells them. Those are a few of them !

xo ldc


  1. wow, lots of cute stuff! you must have been busy :) looks great lindsay.

  2. the owls are so cute! and i must say, that its pretty awesome your grandma knows how to weave baskets. :)

  3. Mmmmm crepes!

    I love that your grandma can weave baskets, it's such a beautiful talent.

  4. Wow! So cool! I would loooooooove one of those hemp bracelets!

    This winter I think my boyfriend and I are going on a trip. Maybe out west, maybe out east? (Maybe nowhere, haha!) but if we go out east we should totally plan a tea date! Or crepes. :)


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