Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dorm Room

Hello Everyone,

I have not told you this yet, but this year at school I am living in the Eco House. It is basically a house of five people who care about the environment and do what they can to reduce their waste. This year a have roommate who I just met two days ago. So far our room is looking pretty awesome. Here are a few pictures of my side of the room.

 Beside my bed:
A picture from my little sis to decorate my room:
My Desk:
My dresser:

xo ldc


  1. i LOVE the random little piles of pretty fabric everywhere. love*love! If you need more inspiration, here are some pics from my dorm room the past few years!


  2. I bought a piece of that heavy duty foam core board that you use for class presentations. Not like... posterboard, but the thick, stiff, plastic-y foam board. I found a headboard shape I liked in a magazine and cut it out with a jigsaw after tracing it. Then I painted the whole thing! I loved it so much. :)

  3. How exciting! Will you be posting about how the 5 of you will be reducing your waste? I lived on-campus for four years but we didn't have themed floors/houses/buildings. I think it would have been fun!

  4. i love your dorm room! and especially your canon :D

  5. your dorm looks great and i love the concept of the eco house! sounds like your in for a fun year!!

  6. LOVE the little stacks of fabric !!!!!!That's my girl !!!!!
    Also love the Echo house concept !!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work and sewing! Don't worry about your school work...I'll smooth it over with Mom ...ONLY KIDDING LES !!!!!!!

  7. That's an awesome idea! I'd definitley be in that!
    Love your room. :)

  8. Oh that's really cool! What a great idea! I love your desk, all of the piles of stuff. I'd love a closer look at the books! :) I looove looking at piles of books and picking out some new ones to check out!


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