Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Going Camping!

Hello Everyone !

I am going camping until Friday for school! It is actually a requirement for my degree [Environmental Sustainability]. The number one rule is: no electronics! So that means no blogging from the cabin. They area allowing me to bring my kindle along which is nice though.

Because I am going camping I thought I would leave for the rest of the week with some inspired camping items from Etsy. So here you go!

One Hot Couple

Card Holder

Happy Camper Pillow

Hand Painted Locket

Smore Necklace

Are you doing anything exciting this week?
xo ldc


  1. Great items! And sounds so fun... but no electronics! Eeks! Enjoy yourself though :)

  2. hahhaha. i am loving the ''one hot couple''! so cute!!


  3. I love being outdoors, camping etc. we were camping earlier this month, and we are going in october too!
    I always bring my cell phone, and sometimes my laptop, but there is never any cell/internet service, so it never does me any good. :P

    i love the smores necklace. :)


  4. Thanks for including my embroidery!

    The Etsian who makes those lockets is having a special for my readers, if you head over to my blog, there is a button on the right hand side that will tell you more :) It's a fantastic deal...and I OWN one of the campfire+tent lockets! It's fantastic.

  5. Oh I love these! And I love that camping is part of your degree, how awesome! My boyfriend would be SO into that! Haha. I actually think he might be going up north this weekend! Fishing. hehe. Hope you have a great time and that the weather is awesome!!

  6. Aww I love all of it!
    Especially the smore necklace! (:
    Hope you had a fun week camping!


  7. these are all so cute! i love that embroidery the most. i'm jealous you're camping... my bf and i bought all of our "gear" but have yet to use it:)


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