Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I Want [GOT] Wednesday

Like my new banner for What I Want Wednesday?

Hello ! So for this weeks what I want Wednesday post I am doing what I got Wednesday instead because I am so excited about what I got off Ebay this morning [thanks mom]. If you saw my post about the Canon ae-1 then you know that I wanted to get one [really bad!]  Well I finally found one :) I am so excited !!
It comes with three lenses, a case, some instructions and a sweet strap !
I also got a serger bag, scroll down to see it.
Look at that beautiful strap !
It's so granny, but I love it !

Now I am just hoping that they come before I go to school next Friday !
xo ldc


  1. Love your new Wed. banner ;-)

  2. I love the new banner! :) SO cute! That's awesome that you got that camera! Gosh, I've wanted a profesh camera for forever! Lucky. ha.

    So, um, I grabbed your button. ;) http://aboutkenzie.blogspot.com/p/some-of-my-favorite-blogs.html haha! Have an awesome day!


  3. oooooh! thanks for following my blog!!! i'm a follower as well! you have such a cute space here!


  4. awesome grab on the camera. love the strap too ;)
    you'll have tons of fun using it i'm sure - and it's the best way to learn about photography, there's no photoshopping those negs!
    i found it really useful to keep notes about the settings while i was experiementing - ie. took first pic at 5.6 & 1/100th - that way you see wht difference the controls make.
    have a blast!!

  5. I love the bag (it's not granny!)

    Cute blog!


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