Thursday, August 5, 2010

Anyone know a Good Vintage Camera?

Hello all !
I need your help once again. I really want to get a vintage film camera, but I am having trouble figuring out which one. I don't know much about film cameras [i grew up in the digital time don't ya know].

So far I am looking at the Canon AE - 1. It looks like this :
I just honestly don't know what to pick. I am hoping one of you might have some wonderful insight on my predicament ! If you don't, well then, I will just wing it. :)

Thanks for the help !


  1. hey!
    the canon AE is a fine choice. i learned photography on an old pentax k1000, and it was great too. honestly, you can't really go wrong, tho maybe check which brands have the cheapest and easiest lenses to find ;)
    happy shooting!

  2. I have a Pentax ME super which is great and its easy to use, but the best thing to do is go to jumble sales and charity shops and see what you can find. With analogue the best way to pick a camera is to hold it in your hands, look into the lens and see how you feel. sometimes you just fall in love with it and sometimes you dont feel for it at all.
    If you just want a film camera, you could look into lomography stuff like Diana F+ or Holga which take really nice dreamy, soft focus shots.
    One more thing. Nikons are the easiest to find lenses for on ebay etc.

  3. Hi there!! the canon AE is a nice choice :) i use a minolta XG-M and it looks almost the same. I find mine charming because is old and even lights get in producing beautiful light leaks <3

    tell us when you make your choice!!

  4. Unfortunately I don't know. :/ I have a vintage camera, but it just sits on my dresser because I don't really have a clue either! Good luck!

  5. I have one, but using it as a display & part of my desk decor! All the best in finding one~


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