Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Am Going Crazy..

Now I not only have the problem with being unable to keep the same header for more than two days, but I keep changing the background too ! I keep trying to figure out what my favorite one is, but I just love them all !! Rearranging is so much fun. Changing my background is like painting you room [but a lot less work]. 

Here are some of the backgrounds I've tried lately. I have fought the urge to change is [so far]. Let me know what you think !  

Speaking of cleaning my room...
Now that I am home I really need to clean out my room to fit all of my stuff from school into it.
This is going to be quite the task.

xo ldc


  1. i think the 2nd last one is easiest to look at :)
    good luck with deciding :P

  2. I like them all, but I like the one you have now the best. (the blue and yellow one.)


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