Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A day With Chloe

I just got back from school so my little sister was pretty excited to spend the day with me. I wanted to share our day with you. 

Here we go.. a day with Chloe :

Fist we took some pics with the pretty orchid...

... we went out to play with her awesome 
remote controlled Barbie Corvette...

 ... hung out outside by the barn...

... played some piano.. 
[thats me in the picture on the piano]

...she has the cutest little fingers...

...played on the stairs..
[thats my mom when she was little]

...reenacted 'How to train your dragon"...

...opened some presents... 
[some rings in a chocolate box.. so cute]

...ate some cookies...

...and then listened to some glee on the iTouch while we played tetris and bowling...

What an awesome day with my little sis.. 

xo ldc

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  1. Aw she is so cute & it looks like you all had an awesome day! :)


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