Thursday, January 21, 2010

Food and People: Slow Food

Yesterday during my food and people class we had a presenter come in and talk to us about slow food. I kind of had an idea of what slow food was, but not to the extent of information that was in his presentation.

Slow food consists of three catagories: Good, clean, Fair.  This means that the food is good, normally meaning local. Clean, if you are buying local then you know where it is coming from, which means you know that its clean.  Fair, meaning fair trade and fair to the animals.

Many of us do not realize where our food comes from, or we choose to ignore it. I honestly chose to ignore where our meet was coming from. Many of us have become detached from the food chain. Do you ever wonder where that nicely wrapped pork chop came from?

Buying local meet is one of the best things you can do for an animal. Some people feel guilty eating meat, but to be honest it our way of life. You should only feel guilty for buying meat that came from an animal that was not looked after properly.

Slow food is a new way of living. It's not easy to up and switch your eating habits or the places you buy food. But it's important to try.

These were the books recommended to us during the presentation:


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