Thursday, May 17, 2012

TV Series: Friday Night Lights

Hello! So I really like watching TV series, usually ones that have a lot of episodes that have already premiered on TV. I hate having to wait a week in between episodes so I try and choose shows that are over or have a few series under their belts. I thought I would start sharing a few of the shows I watch for those of you who are looking to waste your time with television like I do.

Anyways, I just finished watching all five seasons of Friday Night Lights. For those of you who have not seen it I would describe it as Degrassi with a football team. It's full of drama and thus it's awesome. The characters change up a bit each year because people graduate and new students come in, but you learn to love the new characters as much as the old. I am really sad that I have seen all the episodes and contemplated watching the entire four seasons over again ... until I discovered Dexter.

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