Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photoshop Tutorial: Color your text with an image

Hello! I thought I would share with you a simple but useful Photoshop tutorial on how to color your text or a photo you have drawn with an image. I have the steps written out and the step number corresponds to the number in the image below. If you have any questions at all feel free to ask either by commenting or by emailing me! Ps, if you are wondering how I drew those images (the flowes/ldc) above, check out this post.

Step one: Once you are in Photoshop open up a new blank file. Usually I just use the standard size of paper to start with.
Step Two: Create a layer mask over your background. This is where you will draw/type your picture.
Step Three: make your image. You can draw or type whatever you want, but keep it on that layer.
Step Four: Open up the image that you want to use as color for your image. (ex. for my buttons under my header I used a picture of fabric over my words)
Step Five: Put that picture however you want over the layer that you drew on.
Step Six: Make sure you have your colored layer (ie. the image you want the color from) selected and then go to Layer>Create clipping mask. This will make it so that everything you have under that layer comes up in that color.
Step Seven: Save it!

In this photo you can see that I have created two layer masks: one with text and one with a photo that I drew. This is the steps I used to create the image at the top of this post.  xo ldc


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