Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of School for Lil' Sis

 Chloe started grade two last week. She was all decked out in purple and lookin' cute. It's fun being 12 years apart because she starts school and then I go off to university right after. I actual started university the same week she started kindergarten. She sure knows how to make me feel old : She once asked me "Sis, when I am 20 how old will you be?" I answered "32..." haha. It's fun to have such a little sister, although we do have our share of fights, she hits me and it hurts, I hit her and she laughs.. there's something wrong there. But I still miss her when I am away at school!

Here are some of my fave Chloe quotes:

"Mom, why are you drinking and driving?" Mom: "It's coffee, it's allowed" Chloe: "oh"

"Sissy, is disco stick a bad word?" (referring to the Lady Gaga song of course)

"Today it was sooo hot in the gym that my eyes were watering, and there wasn't even any onions around!"

Can't wait to see her cute little face in October! Miss you Chloe. Love Sissy.

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