Sunday, July 17, 2011

Photo Tip Friday (on a Sunday)

Hello! So I am terribly sorry that I keep doing my Photo Tip Friday posts on days other then Friday! It turns out that I generally end up in palces without internet on Fridays.. weird. That will change when i get my iPhone this week! Ahhh! So excited, but back to the photography! I am currently taking a photography class which I am super excited about! It seems to have sparked my interest for photography even more, which is awesome. I recently remembered this post on I just might explode. Now this post was on her old blog, you can check out her new site here. Kara did a post called A Closer Look, it basically shows how she edites a photo. I love learning how other people edit their photos because everyone does it a little different so you always learn something new! So what she demonstrates is how she took this picture from looking like this.....
to looking like this.....
There is actually wuite a bit she does to make this transformation so I am sure you will take at least one new thing away from this process! I seriously recomend you check out her new site and become a follower, she is a great blogger and I love her style! Have a lovely Sunday! xo ldc

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  1. I'm currently taking a photography class too! It's a beginners class, so I already know some of the stuff, but it's super helpful!

    I love your photo (fri)days. lol


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