Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blog Design / Interested in Having a Blog Makeover?

I love doing different things on my blog and I love designing blogs (which is why I change mine so much). I have decided to take this hobby to the next level by offering to do blog designs for people who want to have their blog designed but don't want to pay a lot to do it.
Having your blog designed can include upgrading the following things:

A header (image provided by blog owner, edited by me)
a new menu bar under the header 
upgraded side bar 
 an about me page
and a blog button 

I am willing to do a few over the summer for a very low price just to get some practice. If you think you would be interested please send me an email! This would also result in you getting traffic from my blog as I would do a post on your new blog look as well as at some point have a page with the blogs I have edited. So I am only looking to take a few, but contact me if you are interested! xo ldc

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