Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cupcakes with Chloe

My little sis and I made cupcakes yesterday when she got home from school! I took a few pics and thought I would share them. I love that pic of her licking the knife, she is too funny! Most of these cupcakes she decorated herself (if you can't tell by the abundance of sprinkles on each one).
We just used the easy cake mix and I showed her how to use a measuring cup to measure the water and oil. She is still too afraid to crack the eggs though because she doesn't want to get her hands all "gooey."
We used pretty cupcake foils and made rainbow coloured frosting.
And then she decorated....
... and they turned out pretty cute :)
All in all it was a pretty good day :)
Have you made cupcakes lately?
xo ldc


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