Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Colddd Photoshoot

 I had a quick photoshoot this weekend. It was sooo cold and windy (can you tell by my hair?).
Megan took these photos and I edited them. I used them for my new header and links. Do you like my new hair colour? I went from purple to dark! A bit of a shock but I like it :) I had to go dark to cover all of the colours I had going on in my hair. I am slowly going back to my original colour, but I am loving this change.

I am really enjoying doing all of these photoshoots. I love taking photos and editing them! I wish I was able to take a class to learn more about photography. How did you learn about photography? Any tips? I am hoping to find some people this summer to have photoshoots with. I love taking pics of my little sis, but she if often not in the mood to have her photo taken haha. Do you have a fave from these photos?

have a lovely Tuesday!
xo ldc


  1. this is too cute! you're too cute!

  2. I love your new hair color! It looks so nice on you! With the dark color and your features, you remind me of someone who would fit in a really wonderfully beautiful era, similar to the one constructed in Tristan and Isolde. I love the third one down in the series as well as the first one above the text :)

    As far as learning about photography from a class goes, you're never really taught anything specific. From my experience, you're encouraged to create and show work to your peers, but everything you learn is on your own. I'd say surround yourself with inspiring photos daily and see what you can take from them to further your studies. Classes are a lot of money and really unnecessary!


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