Friday, April 15, 2011

Blogger Pet Peeves & How to Fix it

I love having followers and being able to answer their comments if I feel that they posted something I would like to respond too. I find that some bloggers are very difficult to track down even when they post a comment on my wall and they are a follower. So I wanted to show you these things that you can change in your info to make it easier to find you (not in a creepy way).

When you follow someone a little icon pops up on the side in my follower list. I always like to check out the blogs of my followers, but this gets very difficult when I click on a follower and there is no link to your blog.
Notice how you can see the link to my blog as well as some of the blogs I follow? Many people don't have the link to their blog here so people are unable to find their blog through their member page.

To add this to your page go to your Dashboard --> Edit Profile (beside your picture) --> Select Blogs to Display (under privacy) and then click the blogs you want people to be able to find.

My second pet peeve is when people comment on one of my posts and I want to reply to them via email and it comes out as "non-Reply" as the address instead of your actual email address. I understand that some people may not want to share their address, but sometimes people will ask me questions and I will go to email them back and I am unable to.

To fix this you need to go to Dashboard --> Edit Profile (beside your picture) --> Select Blogs to Display (under privacy) --> click on show email address. This should make so that your email shows up when you post a comment. That way I can respond to your comments via email, which I like to do!

I hope this helps you out, because I would really be able to access your blog when you follow me!
xo ldc


  1. Thanks for posting this! I've totally been finding the same thing alot lately! When I get a new follower or someone new comments on my blog I like to go visit their blog and say hi, but more than half the time there will be no link to their blog and so often I have no way of replying which is a shame and I often wonder if people are aware that their link isnt findable.
    Great post! :)

  2. Big thanks for this. I actually hadn't realised that I didn't have my profile showing! Always good when someone takes time to actually share things like this instead of thinking them silently and letting people go on making the same mistakes =) x

  3. I was wondering why I couldn't find some people's blogs when I clicked their profiles! This was so helpful, I realized that you couldn't see mine until I fixed it either! Thanks!

  4. Dear Lindsay,
    You have a lovely blog..I dont know how I found it...but I know that I spend an hour looking at your older posts..
    I have some questions as well concerning the blog structure..
    I dont know how to change my structure and have columns as you do under the header with friends/about/DIY etc...
    Any ideas???:))

    Any help is welcome
    Anastasia x x x x


  5. I used this a while back because I never realized I didn't have a way for people to respond to my comments. & I just posted a link back to this post for my readers because I've been having the same problem. Thanks for the super easy tutorial, it's come in handy! <3


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