Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Super Moon : Exposure fun :)

Hello Everyone!

I got a few shots of the super moon this weekend! It was so pretty! My largest lens is not that large so I couldn't get that close of a shot, but I did my best :)
 After I took that photo I started to play around with the exposure for fun, hehe. I think I will tell people it was Aliens.
Did you guys all see the super moon? Or get any photos? There are some awesome photos here if you want to check them out :)

Today I am going to work on my outdoor art project! I will come back with some photos for you. I am so busy this week! I have a huge paper on E Waste to write (let me know if you like correcting essays!), it's my friends Birthday today so we are going out to dinner after I have a meeting. Then tomorrow night I am going to a fancy dinner at our campus meal hall where they give you like four courses or something like that of deliciousness! Then I have to get ready for the market this weekend! And on top of that I am pretty sure my teacher is going to give us a pop quiz tomorrow! Hmm.. we will see! What are you all up to this week?
xo ldc


  1. Love the "alien" pics. hehe. I wen't outside to look at the super moon, But I didnt take any pictures.

  2. Whoa! These are super cool. I hope I can learn how to take photos like these after my photography course in May. XD

  3. We saw the super moon too! My mom tried to take a picture of it but it just looked like a big splat of light. Your pictures of it are so cool!

  4. I did the exact same thing once! It's almost like drawing with the moon.
    The super moon was beautiful. I walked down my street to the bay to see it and it was stunning. Unfortunately, I only had my point and shoot camera. :/
    I hope you have a good time during your busy weekend!


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