Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Memory Lane: Eeyore

Hello Everyone! I decided to do a post to contribute to Strumpet's Crumpets memory lane project! Go check out the link and see how you can participate as well!
I would like to introduce you all too Eeyore. Eeyore was always my favorite of the Pooh characters. I think this was because I always felt bad for him because he was so sad all the time and never anyone's favorite. Eeyore and I have been good pals since I was seven thanks to my step dad who bought him for me :) If he was looking for brownie points, he got them! Eeyore comes to University with me and sits on my bed. When I go home for Christmas and Spring Vacation he comes with me (I feel bad leaving him all alone). We have been through a lot together, and although I have a large collection of Eeyore's he is my most treasured.

I took this zoomed in picture of Eeyore's ear to show you where I pierced his ear when I was little so we could have matching earrings. I also cut his hair to sadly discover that it does not grow back. I used to buy little doll clothes for him to wear. He has a few outfits including an Elvis jacket and pajamas among other things.
In elementary school I brought Eeyore with me everyday in by book bag (or as the American's say, back pack). I used to just leave him in my book bag during the day, I just felt bad leaving him at home. When we started to learn about fire drills and the correct procedure to evacuate if a fire was to occur I began to get a little nervous. You see, we were told that in the case of a fire we were not allowed to go grab anything to take with us. It was a terrifying thought that I would have to leave Eeyore all alone in a fire, so I began to keep him in my desk. So everyday I would come to school, take him out of my book bag, and place him gently in my desk for safe keeping. The last day before our two week Christmas break was not a day of learning, but a day of excitement in anticipation of Christmas. When I got home I emptied the contents of my book bag to discover that Eeyore was not a part of those contents! I became quite angry with my mother because the night before she had hid him on me as a joke and I figured she had done the same thing again. After a bit of a temper tantrum she told me that she did not hide him on me and that I must have left him at school. Now this was the last day before Christmas break, which means there was no going back to school. Eeyore would have to stay in my desk for an entire two weeks! I was quite devastated, but I continued on and went to the babysitters the next day. Around lunch time there was a knock at the door. I discovered that it was my dad! Turns out he had called the school to see if he could go and get Eeyore out of my desk and he had caught the janitor just before he was leaving for the break! I was extremely excited! Eeyore continued to come to school with me, although I was more careful to remember to bring him home with me. I am not quite so attached to him today, although I do keep him on my bed everyday. He is by far my most treasured childhood item.

Well, that is the story of the tragic Eeyore incident! If you decide to join in on the fun leave me a link so I can see your most treasured childhood item!

memory lane

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  1. Eeyore was always my favorite too.
    Even though something always bad happened to him, he still tagged along with the group.

    They are coming out with a new Winnie The Pooh movie this year...I hope its good..


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