Friday, March 25, 2011

Art Class Adventures

I have blogged before about the environmental art class I am taking. I am currently working on an outdoor project for my end of the year assignment. Last class we took the day to just work on some chalk and charcoal drawings. To keep with the enviro theme, the paper was made of stone. It felt really soft and very thick. It was pretty cool! Anyways, here are some photos of my artwork and some art class nonsense.

 Here is just a pretty photo of Megan's pastels.
 Janine and I were playing around with sunglasses, looking all cool.
 And Kaila was busy on a scary adventure.
Overall it was a pretty successful art class! I need to start picking out my classes for next year. I finally decided to minor in business which I am pretty excited about. Now I will finally have some good knowledge in case I start my own business.

Have a lovely weekend! I will be at the market tomorrow so I will post some photos later!
xo ldc


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