Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Month : New Sponsors : New Free Stuff

 Hello Everyone! Happy February 1st!

Here are some awesome things going on/coming up!
  1. New Sponsors over there on the right!
2. That means new Giveaways!
Each sponsor will have a guest post and a giveaway that will be posted on the side bar!

3. Also,  I am super excited because I just won the Freckled Nest Giveaway! (and got a little shout out!)

I had fun playing with buttons today if you didn't notice..
xo ldc


    1. Congrats on winning! So pretty!

    2. love the buttons! I gave you a shout out today on my blog seeing as i'm a sponsor this month :)

      Bek xo

    3. I'm super happy to be sponsoring you this month!!

    4. Hiya! I'm glad I stumbled over to your blog! it is quite lovely <3

      (in regards to the comment you left) I think we should all be allowed to paint our faces like indians! hahah if only we had enough celebrity stardom that it wouldn't be odd.



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