Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day and a Coffee Date

 Today we had a snow day! So Kaila, Jenn and I decided to go down to the local coffee shop, Just Us, to get some "work" done and hang out. I worked on a hat all morning. It started out small..
Then got a little bigger...
And a little bigger, but I had to break for lunch..
See how happy she looks!
 Jenn kept reading... She looks intense.
All the while it was storming outside..
What did you do today?
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xo ldc


  1. I love today :) Coffee dates more often?

  2. Love that hat! I'm just learning to crochet but I would love to learn how to make one like that someday!

  3. Office work, studying,reading, and wishing for some of that snow


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