Sunday, January 23, 2011

GIVEAWAY --> OWLIVE [3 sets of earrings]

Hi everyone! I’m Brianne, the creator of Owlive. I’ve always been working on little projects and finally got up the courage to start an Etsy shop to showcase my favorite things. With much encouragement from my family and friends, things are coming along nicely. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to sponsor here on LCD Designs!

Here is a sweet photo of myself & my rotten little French Bulldog:
Lately, button earrings have become my obsession and have taken over my craft life. I just love making them and love wearing them, so why not share?!

I’m giving away this matching set of 3 Chocolate & White Burst button earrings. The buttons measure 5/8 inch (1.6 cm) and the posts are surgical stainless steel.
 I promise you'll love wearing these earrings, good luck in the giveaway!

Here is how to win:

Leave a comment here on Lindsay’s blog telling us your name & favorite item from Owlive!

Other ways to earn an entry:

Follow me on Tumblr.

Tweet about this giveaway

"Like" Owlive on Facebook 

Winner will be chosen February 5th 


  1. Hey!
    My name is Brittany (or here I go by "out on a limb". I love these earrings and I also love that they are handmade! I think that there needs to be more people out there making their own unique stuff instead of buying all the time...anyway...I checked out Owlive and I LOVE the valentine button earrings.
    Keep up the good work (both of you!).

    my e-mail is...


  2. Can I enter even though I'm not in the States? If I can. . . I'm Sarah and my favourite item from Owlive is the Sea Button Earings. . they're so cute!!! It was a hard decision though, there were lots of things there that I loved. You're so clever Brianne!


  3. Hi, my name is Brooke T, and I absolutely love the Mum Rings! Everything in your shop is so lovely, though!


  4. I am a follower in Tumblr!


  5. I like Owlive on Facebook!


  6. I'm jamie & I certainly LOVE owlive.

    my favorite owlive item are the GEO earrings!

    i would like to win because i love these chocolate earrings.


    my e-mail is:

    kthx. :]

  7. My name is Christina and after looking through Owlive, I think the Orange Squid earring are my favorite, everything is so super cute though!

  8. I was going to buy some of these!! So I hope I can win them instead hehe. I only look nice with button earrings. lol

    I love the GeoFun Earrings ♥

  9. I "like" Owlive on Facebook.

    "Kristin Marie Maciel"


  10. i looove your button earrings & your bobbies, but you know all your stuff is too cute. love you brianne!

  11. The "under the sea push pins" make me want to post a million post it notes while listening to Octopus' Garden. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  12. My name is Amanda (on etsy I go by LittleUkelele) and I love love love all of the items on your page! If I had to pick a favorite though, I'd have to say the peach bobbies. Sooooo cute! I "liked" Owlive on facebook :)

  13. So...I love all of your accessories, but my favorites are the beautiful button earrings. I just ordered two more pair today! :-) Lately I've been trying to figure out how to make bobbies look fashionable in my hair so I can order some of those as well! love you and paco too!

    p.s. my "captcha" i had to enter to submit this comment was "dooti." hahahaha.

  14. Hi! I am Jenn and my favorite item from the Owlive store are the Vintage Opaque Blue Earrings. So adorable!


  15. i totally heart the under the sea push pins!! SO CUTE!!!

  16. Hi!! I adore your items!! I liked you on Facebook, and added your shop to my favorite shops on Etsy. I sell items under the shop name Punkittykat! I absolutly adore the sea foam mum earrings!! Great work!
    My email is kelleyabeck@yahoo.com

  17. Love the Under the Sea pushpin set! Those are too cute ^^ I may also have to get some earrings for myself, totally my style :]


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