Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Power Outage in Pictures

So the power on campus went out last night and just turned on a couple of hours ago! It is very interesting hanging out on campus with now power! It is exam week so we were studying when the power went out! I was suppose to have an exam tonight and tomorrow morning but they were both postponed till January! Luck me :) So here is our last 24 hours in pictures!

Moving the desk into a room with power generated lights !!
 I definitely played around taking pics of markers for a solid 20 minutes.. or more. 
 I kept taking pics of Joshua, he was a little annoyed lol
 Snacks and studying!
Today we found an outlet that was powered by the generator! Everyone was plugging stuff in... It got worse later on when people were trying to plug their TV in. haha.

Overall... a very interesting 24 hours with no power! Glad it is back on, and I don't have to study for exams anymore! (well, until January hehe)
xo ldc

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