Thursday, December 9, 2010

Need Some Advice? An Interview from Ally of The Break-Up Blog

Here is an interview done by my friend Ally over at the breakup blog. She is expanding her blog a little bit and looking to get some new readers(hint hint, nudge nudge). She has recently added a formsprings box so that you can now anonymously ask her for dating advice or any other advice for that matter! If you are in the mood for something witty, her blog is the place to be!

Break-Up Blog Interview

Why did you begin the breakup blog?
Basically, I started a blog to keep my sanity after having  a rather tough break-up. It was suggested to me by the LDC designs lady herself, that I start this blog to release some pent up emotions and avoid making my friends suffer through broken-record conversations about my break-up. I got to say whatever I wanted and my friends weren't the victims of my wrath unless they voluntarily read my blog: win-win. Since the break-up phase, I've continued writing it in, sort of like a journal, blogging about whatever inspires me at the time.  
Do you think it is better to be single or to be in a relationship? 

I'd say that (prepare yourself for some corniness) it's better to be happy. If you're happily dating then that's good for you, but being single is okay too. What you do not want is an unhealthy version of either of those states of beings - you know what I'm talking about! Being single is fun, but what's not fun is STDs or babies or ugly boys, so use your single license with caution and a condom. Being in a relationship can be one of the best things ever, they tend to be the source of some of the best memories of your life. What relationships are also the source of is: a lot of extra pounds specifically in the arse region thanks to all of those movies, dinners out, snacks, more snacks and that weird exercise things becomes a little foreign because really, who exercises with their partner? They can also create a domesticated monster; you're young, you're not married... he can handle making his own lunch and dressing himself - I promise. Along with potentially making a lame and fatter you, a lot of times friends fall to the wayside whilst you date, for various reasons, one of the biggest being that 3 wheels are really only great on tricycles. 

Do you plan on keeping your blog solely on relationship advice? 
Relationship advice is where I started the blog, so I would like to continue to do so and even expand a bit. That being said, the expression "beating a dead horse" comes to mind, so I like to switch it up from time to time with whatever inspires me. Lately the theme has been the exam season and how insufferable it really is while playing around with some classic Christmas songs. 

What is the next step for the breakup blog?

I love giving my opinion and especially when it comes to relationship, so after another great suggestion from Lindsay, I added a Formspring box to my blog. The Formspring boxis a place where people can anonymously ask me dating tips, break-up revenge plots... alibis for after the revenge, or whatever they feel so inclined to ask and I will post the question and answer as a blog post. I'm really excited to see what kind of questions I get and I hope that I can help out any future break-up survivors. 

 Thank you for doing the post Ally! Can't wait to see some of the questions you get from readers!

Visit the Break-up blog for more advice and story of Ally's Breakup. 

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