Thursday, November 25, 2010

Guest Post : Fishnets & Hip Checks

Hi!  I'm Sonya, from Fishnets & Hip Checks, and I'm completely honored to be guest blogging here for Lindsay.  :)

Today I'm going to be sharing with you bits about the city where I go to school: Keene, NH.  I'm currently a sophomore at Keene State College, studying English & Secondary Education, so the city has definitely become a second home to me.

It's a pretty typical college town, I think, (not that I've lived in any others) and I absolutely love it here.  Nearly everything is within walking distance, with the exceptions of Target, Borders and Michaels.  But that's where the perks of being an upperclassman come in - car on campus!

The campus is lovely in the fall.  I live in one of these buildings, but not the one pictured.  Mine is pretty much the same, though.  (I believe this is Owl's Nest 9, and I live in Owl's Nest 4, which would be a few buildings to the left.)

We've also got some infamously large squirrels that share the campus with us.  They're pretty friendly, and hilarious to watch, but sometimes I think there's a squirrel conspiracy going on.  o.O

Outside the campus is the actual town, which is absolutely lovely.  My top three favorite stores are probably Life is Sweet and Turn It Up!, which are on Main Street, and Toy City, which is a bit farther away, but well-worth the walk.

We also have an amazing theater where they have ballet, movies, and concerts.  I've seen two movies here, so far - "Adam" and "The Runaways" - and it was really great.  The place is huge and absolutely gorgeous.

The BIG THING around town each year is Pumpkin Fest, in October, which just had its 20th anniversary this year.  There are so many amazing pumpkins carved each year, and it's such a fun time.  Children dress up and people get so creative with their pumpkins.  Then, at night, the pumpkins are lit and there are fireworks.
Unfortunately, they say this was the last year.  I'm not sure how true this is, since they've said it for a few years now, but it sounded pretty serious this time.
But at least we'll have the memories.  ;)

And that's it!  There's so much more, of course, but these are the main points, I think.
I'd really like to thank Lindsay for having me!  This was my first guest post, and it's definitely going to be one I'll remember.
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A note from ldc:

This town looks so much like the town where I go to school! I am going to have to do a post to show the resemblance.Thanks so much for the post Sonya!


  1. Very cool, my campuses weren't in typical college towns, it is really interesting to see what one looks like :) I <3 that the housing is called Owls Nests!

  2. that sounds like a super cool place!!


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