Saturday, November 20, 2010

First Snowfall

 This is Kaila and I. She just dyed her hair red. Pretty isn't it?

It just started snowing really hard today and there were lots of people having snow fights all around campus.
 This is the front lawn of the school. I go to Acadia University in Nova Scotia if you are curious. It's a small school of about 3,000 on campus.
 Here are the pretty prints from my boots. I love snow flakes!
 Here are a bunch of students having a snowball fight. This is one of the oldest residents on campus. My grandmother stayed there when she went to Acadia about 50 years ago.

I ran into my friend Rhema. She is from the Bahamas and has never seen snow before! She was so excited, it was awesome!
It was a lovely day. We spent the first part of the day at a huge Christmas craft fair. So fun!

xo ldc


  1. we had our first snowfall here too! I'm in love with the weather :)

  2. We (in WI) are supposed to get our first snow tonight. Hope it's as beautiful as that!


  3. Snow!!!:D

    Red hair looks lovely on her.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. Your boot prints would make a FANTASTIC wintery blog header!

  5. wow, thats crazy! it was 87 degrees here yesterday!

    p.s.( your boots are awesome)

  6. Ahhhhh. I want it to snow here!!!! I love the snow. :)


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