Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blog Stereotyping Continued..

 I got a bit of response from my blogger stereotyping post. I was surprised because it was a long post, and I never read long posts so I didn't expect anyone else too. Here is the original post for those of you who like to read, and here is a short version for those of you who don't:

Blog Stereotyping: when you come upon a blog and decide if you want to follow that blog or not depending on its looks rather than its content.
Problem Points: Header, Posts, Sidebars
How to fix it: Well you need to read the post.... Just the bold though.

I got some response for other things that drive people nuts about blogs:
  • Font size
  • white text on black
San + Campfire Chic + Krystal: credit is due

do you have any suggestions to avoid blog stereotyping?

xo ldc


  1. haha thanks for the credit ;) but yeah, it's just that i jump whenever music starts, haha!

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