Thursday, October 28, 2010

How should I decorate this wall?

Hello! So I just rearranged my room and it resulted in a large white blank wall. Very unappealing. I was thinking up ways to decorate it, but I thought maybe I would ask you all what you think?
so... any ideas?
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LDC designs

xo ldc


  1. i see one loose record there already. you could fill it w/ more records w/ sleeves! but that could get expensive.

    or silly/ugly/fun cute paintings and drawings from thrift stores. my sister has found a TON of awesome stuff to hang in our apt.

  2. Bunting! Just do rows of bunting going across the wall!

  3. Hmm one day I want to have a wall filled with random pieces of artwork, all framed! I also want to have a wall filled with embroidery hoops! Maybe you could do a mixture of both?


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