Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DIY: fabric polaroid

Hello! Remember when I showed you all of those lovely poladroids? Well here it the DIY I was talking about.
It is really easy, all you need is:
  1. Iron on transfer paper [get it at wal mart in the paper section]
  2. a printer
  3. Poladroid maker [Download it here]
  4. some neutral colored fabric [beige is best]
  5. a sewing machine [if you want to sew it on to something.. you don't have too]
 So here is what you do:
  • Pick out your pictures for your poladroid maker and drag them onto the cute little polaroid maker.

  • Next put all of those poladroids into a text document of some sort. Adjust them so that you can fit about nine on one page. Here is what mine looked like:
IMPORTANT: make sure flip them or else they will iron on backwards!

  • Print them out on your iron on adhesive.
  • Iron them onto some fabric. I chose beige because it didn't disrupt the color behind it. 
  •  Cut it out of the fabric. 
  •  You can sew it on, or do whatever you like with it. Some other ideas would be to use it in scrap-booking, hand them from Christmas lights as decoration, put them on your wall. The options are endless. I used mine to decorate a zipper pouch:


    1. this is so great! Thank you for sharing the tutorial! I love it and can't wait to do something for myself!

    2. Ooo, how clever! It's so cute, and it's absolutely something I want to try at some point!

    3. wow, Lindsay, this is brilliant!! Seriously! This will be going into next weeks make it monday!! :)

      xo, Katie

    4. C. U. T. E. For real!! I'm definitely going to be trying this out! :)


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