Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vintage Camera : Got any Tips?

Hello !

So I had this post all ready for you because my boyfriend got a surprise vintage camera yesterday. It is an awesome Pentax Program Plus. I was so happy for him [ and a little disappointing for me since mine hadn't come in the mail yet and I am leaving for school tomorrow ] However, my mom surprised me with mine last night ! Now my boyfriend and I are learning to use our cameras together.

I need your help because I could really use some tips. All I know so far about vintage cameras is that I love them, and where the battery goes haha. Any tips for us would be greatly appreciated!

Here is his:
And here is mine:

We would love some help !
xo ldc


  1. I've used these cameras (actually have an old Minolta) before.
    Remember to bracket your f-stops. Eg. shoot your image at three different f-stops (say 4, 5.6, and 8). When you develop your film, one of them will look the way you want it! You might want to get a small light meter to help you.
    Hope that helps!

  2. o.m.g. i love that camera!!! it's gorgeous.
    i used to have a access to a dark room and i would develope all of my own film. and i loved it. best few years of my life!

    i hope you have tons of fun!


  3. I had a canon AE-1. It's a great camera. The photos turn out lovely. I got it to replace my A-1 which fell with me, into a river. So not good! :(

  4. I have a Pentax Honeywell and I'm in LOVE with it haha. It takes such beautiful pictures and captures light like no digital Ive ever used. Tips...I don't know...I kind of just learn as I go ha sorry


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