Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Guest Post: Starry Eyed Charlie

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Hi. Hello (hiccup). Hi.
I'm thrilled to be a guest blogger for Lindsay today! I love her blog and I'm always inspired by her D.I.Y. projects.
Let me introduce myself. I'm Carla and I have a blog named Starry Eyed Charlie.
 My bloggin' mainly started out as an outlet: my way of giving back to so many people who have supported me through the years.
I guess you can say I love to inspire...it is my obsession.
Also important to note, I'm a free-range artist, which means I dabble in film, photography, painting, and sculpture. Jewelry design is one of my passions so in 2002, I created my own vintage inspired jewelry line, Lola and George.
 Ok, enough about me: let's get down to it.
My D.I.Y. is a flapper inspired vintage hair accessory that will look great for the coming fall months.
These are the materials you'll need:
 1. Panty hose or tights
2. Felt (preferrably the hardened kind)
3. Scissors
4. Needle and thread
5. Hot glue gun
6. A vintage blouse or dress with sequin or beaded design. You shouldn't have trouble scoring this at your local thrift store, Grandma's closet or garage sale. This one cost me 3 bucks!
 Start preparing your items. Separate the beaded design.
 Cut your tights at the thigh and foot so you have a perfect tube. Measure the circumference of your head with the tights so that you have the size.
 Cut your tights into 1 inch thick strips.
I ended up with a total of six pieces. It worked out to be the perfect amount for two braids.
Strettccccchhhh each piece out. Put knots in each strip along the way. I did it at random to create texture.
 Braid into two separate braids using the six strips.
 Twist two braids together. Using a matching thread, sew both braids together.
 Cut the ends so that they look nice and neat.
Sew each side of the braid together and then join them.
 Set this part aside for now.
Go back to your beaded piece. Place it on top of your felt and outline the shape. Cut the felt so that it looks exactly like your adornment. Glue the felt to your vintage piece with a hot glue gun. This will keep your accessory from looking floppy.
Sew your vintage beading to the headband you just made. Make sure you stitch it securely, especially on the ends. You can add a piece of fabric on the back side of your beading for a more finished look.
And now you have a flapper style hair accessory for fall.
 Oh and next week I will be giving this piece away on my blog. Who doesn't love a giveaway?


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