Sunday, September 19, 2010

Guest Post DIY: The Perfect Pear

hello lovelies, its Lauren here, otherwise known as The Perfect Pear. And I have got a really cute and easy DIY for you all. So lets get started!
To make this cute ring you will need, a ring back, a hot glue gun, some felt, a tiny button and some scissors.
1: Cut out three different sized circles, they don't have to be perfect.
2: Roughly cut them into flower shapes.
3: Glue each one on top of each other. Biggest to smallest
4: Add the button in the center of the smallest flower shape. You only need a tiny dab of glue, so it doesn't go through the little button holes.
5: Next cut another circle and flip your flower so the back is showing.
6: Cut a tiny slit in the circle you just cut.
7: fully insert your ring back into the slit.
8: put a generous dab of glue on the ring back and felt. Then glue to the back of your flower
Voila, a cute and easy ring in 8 simple steps!
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Thanks Lindsay for letting me be a guest blogger :) lots of fun

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